Help & FAQ's

What is Qiosk?
Qiosk delivers the news and information you need to stay on top of your profession. Once your professional category(s) has been selected, Qiosk will continuously deliver to your home screen the most recent news.

How do you get your professional news?
Qiosk obtains its news from the RSS feeds of hundreds of professional news sources.  Our web crawlers are constantly pulling in the newest article links from these sources. At the same time, Qiosk researchers are looking for newer sources for feeds to make each profession richer. 

How do I customize the news sources shown to me?
Each profession has lots of news feeds supplying your Home screen. All of those sources are pre-checked when you open the app and select your profession. To remove feeds navigate to the feed listings: Upper left menu>Profession listings>Far right arrow>Uncheck feed.

What is the purpose for a separate Google News button at the top?
Your Qiosk home screen only pulls in news from the sources we have identified as having enough activity as to be valuable for the user experience. Google throws out a much wider net with its search algorithms, finding more articles in places that Qiosk either didn’t find or had some limiting quality. 

How does the Favorites feature work? 
You can mark to save articles of interest for future reference.  On the home screen, each article has a black lower right corner-cut with a star. Touch the star and the article will be saved. If you are reading an article already, from the source’s website, touch the star on the Qiosk toolbar. Once back to the home screen, touching the star in the toolbar above will access all of your saved articles.

What is My World?  
Use My World to pull in feeds from your favorite professional news sources that are not already built into the Qiosk professional category, or add personal feeds that are not related to your profession.

How do I operate My World?
Think of My World as a bookmarking feature for your favorite websites. When opened inside of the app, you will see a Search box at the top. Type in your preferred websites or news feeds, or a keyword that will present a number of websites to select. Open the page found to make sure you like it. If you want to keep it, touch the plus sign on the right margin next to the site. It will turn to a check, and also appear each time you open up the My World portion of Qiosk.

How do I keep my profession settings and favorites on multiple devices?
If you create an account with Qiosk, you will be able to obtain your professional news across multiple devices. Currently, Qiosk is available for iOS iPhones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, and your computer at Simply login on any new device after launching the app and your settings will be carried over.

How do I create an account on Qiosk?
If you didn’t create an account when you first launched the app, you can always do it later.  Go to Settings>Account. From there, you can either create a new account, or login with an existing Qiosk account.

How do I share an article?
If you are using the app on your phone or tablet:

When you find an article that you’d like to share, stay on that article page and click the share box showing in the top right corner on the Qiosk toolbar. You will have a choice of sharing it as an email, or with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  If you login in once for either of those three social networks, you will remain logged-in and not have to do it again for additional sharing.

If you are using Qiosk from our website: 

Each article on the home screen will have its own share icon in the lower left corner. Touch the icon and you will have the opportunity to share using email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Is Qiosk available in other languages?
At this time, Qiosk is only available in English.  As interest in the Qiosk app grows, we hope to be adding additional languages for those countries reflecting the appropriate activity.

How do I disable or enable Notifications?
Notifications can be checked on and off from the Settings menu.